The Southeast’s Finest – Battle of the Inverted Coasters

Well, it’s time! Now that I’ve ridden and reviewed three B&M inverted coasters in the southeast, I’m going to have them battle it out! This battle’s contestants include: Batman the Ride at Six Flags Over Georgia, Afterburn at Carowinds, and Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa (Sorry, I haven’t ridden Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure).

The Lift Hill and View (1 point available)

I realize this isn’t very important, but I still feel like it adds to the tension and overall excitement. All three of the ride’s give a dull view of the parking lot, so I guess this is kind of a draw. But, I really like the long, 150 foot climb on Montu, with tropical trees and shrubs beneath you.

The First Drop (2 points available)

Inverts have never been known for fantastic drops, mainly because, just about every single one of them have a curved drop. Afterburn has a nice drop, feels pretty intense also, but I feel like BtR’s drop pulls more forceful G’s. But, I hands down prefer Montu’s massive 144ft drop, that feels a hair-shy of free falling!

The Ride, Inversions, Pacing (3 points available)

Montu and Afterburn offer much more unique inversions, both with an immelmann and a batwing. Where as all of Batman’s inversions have been used countless other times on coasters around the world, not to mention, Batman has about 5 or 6 other clones of it around the world making it even less unique. Montu’s pacing is almost perfect other than its half way break trim (You got to hate mid ride brakes!) Batman’s pacing is relentless making the inversions like punches received by a heavy weight boxer. Intense and fun, but it discourages re-rides. And, Afterburn takes the point with its flawless pacing. It’s intense throughout the ride, but gives breathing room between inversions without having a mid ride brake.

Theming (2 points available)

Do I really need to explain this one? Afterburn and Montu have some great theming, but this one has to go to Batman the Ride. With its sewer system and bat cave, it was themed  after the 1989-1997 batman movie series. It also plays the film soundtrack throughout the queue line which adds a nice touch.

Ride Finally (1 point available)

I noticed all these coasters have a pretty spectacular finish. Batman the Ride, with its consecutive corkscrews before whipping around onto the brake run. Afterburn has a large dive before hitting 4.8 G’s during a corkscrew and upward helix. And lastly, the loop and hidden corkscrew in a trench beneath the ground on Montu. All these are great, but Afterburn kills the competition, having such an intense, but not unbearable finish.

The Winner Is……

Montu: 3 points

Batman the Ride: 2 points

Afterburn: 4 points

Carowind’s masterpiece, Afterburn, takes the title as the southeast’s finest inverted roller coaster! It really is the perfect execution of the elements and the right amount of intensity that makes this coaster so great.


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3 thoughts on “The Southeast’s Finest – Battle of the Inverted Coasters”

  1. Hey Dillon, I’ve heard reports of headbanging on older B&M coasters. One being the Batman coasters. Do you think that some of them are starting to become more rough?

    1. I heard about this also. When I rode Kumba last year, I noticed it banged my head a little bit during the corkscrews. Same goes for Vortex at Carowinds. These are the oldest B&M coasters I’ve ridden, so I’m afraid some B&M coasters are losing their reputation as smooth and comfortable.

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