Sky Screamer at Six Flags Over Georgia – Review

So I was given the opportunity to ride the recently-built Sky Screamer at Six Flags Over Georgia last week. It was during the park’s media preview like I mentioned in my post about the day. But here’s my full review of the ride.

Back when the ride was first announced, I noticed that it was going to be built to 240 feet which is considerably higher than the limit of 200 feet set on the park by local officials. Like I first thought, they did build Sky Screamer at the lowest elevation in the park, which allowed such high construction. But I feel like Sky Screamer doesn’t focus on altitude as much as speed.

While on Sky Screamer, I felt a tremendous feeling of speed and less of a white-knuckling feeling of acrophobia. It doesn’t waste any time. It begins by ascending quickly then spinning faster and faster. Before you know it, you’re at the top at full speed. Then, the ride returns to the ground to begin my favorite part.

Sky Screamer descends down the tower, but does not slow down. It stops about 50 feet or so above the ground, and slings you around the tower’s circumference at 43 mph right next to some trees. Then the ride goes back up to the top, keeps you there much longer than the first time, then safely returns you to the ground.

Overall, Sky Screamer was great. The rush of speed mixed with the extreme height makes for a great ride. But after four rides, I began to get a little dizzy and I feel like it won’t be very repeatable for those who get motion-sick easily. Otherwise I loved it, and it makes for a great addition to Six Flags Over Georgia.

My overall rating:  8/10

Scare Scale: 2/3

Here’s my on-ride video. Please note that I was given special permission to film on the ride. Theme Park Rides does not promote or condone unauthorized on-ride video recording. 

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