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It’s been a while since I visited Fun Spot America last month (school takes up a lot of time). But, now I’m back and I was very impressed with Fun Spot America and all that they offered in such a convenient way. They’re a budget type of attraction, something that people can do while visiting Orlando that doesn’t cost $100 a ticket like Orlando’s big parks. Instead they offer an inexpensive, all day wristband for about $40. Admission is free (along with parking) so those who don’t participate in rides or go karts can observe for free.

The Sky Coaster has an additional fee, like all Sky Coasters. This one was on the more expensive side, but that makes sense because its the 2nd tallest in the world. It’s well worth it. The ride is cleverly built on top of a restaurant and stands at a staggering 250 feet.

Fear will sink into the heart of even the most seasoned-vets, yes even me. I had ridden the 180 foot Sky Coaster at my local Six Flags but this was still quite a challenge for me. And the ride consists of exactly what every Sky Coaster flight does. You get pulled up to nose-bleed inducing heights, you pull your own cord, you free fall for an eternity, and then you swing gracefully before returning to the ground.

A nice plus to this one is that swings out over a pond on the other end which makes it unique. Now, how does this one compare to other Sky Coasters? Well, it’s the best I’ve ever ridden and of course there’s no such thing as a mediocre Sky Coaster; they’re all awesome. So if you’re up for a challenge of your nerves, head to Orlando and check out Fun Spot’s Sky Coaster.

This is a video of my actual ride on the Sky Coaster:

Score: 9.5/10

Scare Scale: 3/3 – High Thrills


Stay tuned! More Fun Spot on it’s way! Tomorrow my review of White Lightning will be posted on the CoasterCritic’s Blog, which I will post a link to!


Disclaimer: Although I was provided with free wristbands and a free Sky Coaster flight, courtesy of Fun Spot, all opinions are my own and are not purchased.

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