Rattler, Rampage, and Son of Beast – What’s Going to Happen to Them?

Today, I was checking out the Six Flags Fiesta Texas website, and the very first thing I noticed was a slide on the page that said there was just a few days before Rattler would be closed for good. This really surprised me because the Rattler isn’t very old and doesn’t have any major problems. Although, I haven’t ridden Rattler, I have heard reports of it providing some rough rides, but Six Flags hasn’t been known for doing something about rough coasters. So, what does this say? New ride? Expansion? The same goes for Kings Island removing Son of Beast. It has been standing but not operating since 2009, and has just now been announced to be torn down. And lets not forget about Rampage in Alabama. What’s going to happen to it? I personally think that Rattler will be given the New Texas Giant treatment. Rampage will be moved to another park, maybe in place of Son of Beast? And finally, I think Son of Beast will be chopped down into millions of little tooth picks and sold in your local grocery store.

What do you think? Comment below and let me know!

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