Most Memorable Ride Experience of 2012

This past year was my second season of blogging with It’s been a great year. I finally hit the newest coaster at my home park, Dare Devil Dive. And I also made my way up to Charlotte, North Carolina. I have family there and it’s only a four hour drive for me, so I figured it would be a good park to hit this year. This is going to be a cross-post with some of my fellow-bloggers, The Coaster Critic and Trent from the Coasterblog. The links to their posts on this same topic are listed at the bottom. The topic we decided to write on is the best individual ride experience of 2012. This was pretty hard for me. I had a fantastic ride at night on Intimidator, an intense ride on Afterburn, and several other great rides. But the one that stood out to me wasn’t even on a roller coaster. It was my one and only ride on Carowind’s brand new Windseeker. Something I didn’t touch on in my full review of the ride was the fact that I rode it on such a windy day. When you’re about 300 feet in the air with large gusts of wind rocking the seats, it can make for a great ride. It’s already a fantastic ride, but heavy winds can really enhance it. I’m really interested to hear if this is normal on Windseekers or if it was just the day I was there. I can’t really tell from POV’s of the ride, so I’d like to hear from you. Please comment and let me know, and don’t forget to check out the other articles.








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