New Cedar Point Coaster

Cedar Point has finally done something about their menace of a ride, the Mantis. Known for being very uncomfortable for riders, the Mantis is well over due for a revamping or removal.

In this case, Cedar Point has elected to convert it into the well received floorless concept  by B&M, and rename the ride Rougarou.

The track will receive a new paint scheme, but otherwise kept the same. Rougarou has no official date, but should open  in the earlier portion of 2015.Rougarou

My thoughts: its about time. No park should keep a ride unaltered when its known for being uncomfortable for guests. Its ridiculous for something as fun as a roller coaster to be ruined by poor execution regarding rider comfort. Not to mention, simpler is better in this case. A ride like Kumba or the Kraken wouldn’t half as fun if were stand-up. The stand-up concept just increases weight times and rider discomfort and adds no extra thrill to the ride. I honestly wish Six Flags Over Georgia would do this to the Georgia Scorcher. As for Cedar Point, I’m happy they’re correcting this issue.

Hurricane Harbor – A Quick Review

As promised, a few weeks ago I got to enjoy the new waterpark at Six Flags Over Georgia, and share my opinion of it. Hurricane Harbor

The waterpark is composed of a new wavepool, a large slide complex, a thrilling attraction called Tsunami Surge, and the existing Skull Island attraction, suited for kids that was installed many years ago.

Although I didn’t have enough time to personally go into the wave and because I have a small fear of them (nearly drowned in one before), other members in my party said it was fun and lived up to the expectations that were demanded.

Bonzai PipelinesThe slide complex features three slides, all in which have tubes used for traversing them. I only rode one out of the three and it was relaxing in some spots and gave a shot of adrenaline in others.

Finally, the Tsunami Surge was the real thriller. It has large four person tubes that start at the top of a large tower. After starting you travel through a funnel type element before diving down a large and fairly steep drop. Then comes a half pipe style incline in which you slide up and right back. The slope of the half was quite steep. I’d say you hit about 60-70 degrees at the highest point.

The whole waterpark was a nice treat for me and I noticed that they have a lot of existing land to expand upon in the coming years which I can’t wait for!

Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain Accident

Yesterday at the Cedar Point of the west, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Ninja Magic MountainNinja, a classic suspended coaster suffered a rare type of accident. Derailments are probably the most uncommon type of incident, and in this case, I believe could have been avoided.

According to news reports a tree branch was the cause of the derailment, which causes me to question whether or not Six Flags was doing what they could to maintain safe branch clearance surrounding the ride. The good news is that of the 4 injured, nobody was seriously hurt.

In the CNN article I read on this, they described the incident at “the latest in a series of high-profile roller coaster accidents in recent years.” This simply isn’t true at all. First off, this is not a “high-profile accident”. In my opinion, for an accident to regarded as high profile, there would need to be some sort of serious injury or death involved, which in this case, there wasn’t. Secondly, a series of high profile accidents? If you regard an accident in the same way I do, the only high profile accident in recent years was the Texas Giant incident last year.

Sorry for all that, I had defend my passion from the slandering remarks from CNN. And one more thing to add is that even in the event of a derailing, the coaster and restraints kept all the passengers safe like according to design. So get out there and keep riding coasters! Heck, at the time of this post, I’m just minutes before leaving to head to Six Flags Over Georgia. And I promise you, I won’t feel un-safe at all.

New Posts Are on Their Way!

I’ve been extremely inactive as of late, and its about to change. Yesterday I made it out to Six Flags Over Georgia and got to check out Hurricane Harbor. I’m impressed (Tsunami Surge was the bomb) but I’ll wait to give my full take on it in the coming days.

Tsunami Surge

With that, I’m really into water parks right now and I’m hoping to attend Six Flags White Water and maybe a few other nearby water parks and see how they all stack up.

Thanks for hangin’ in there!

Farewell to the CoasterCritic

If you’ve ever wondered what made me want to start my blog, write about my coaster endeavors, and share my opinions, well I’m gonna tell you.

When I suddenly got passionate towards coasters back in 2008, I read all about them and the site I found myself coming back to over and over was I became a consistent reader of Joel Bullock’s masterpiece a few years later. After reading for a few months, I decided I wanted to start my own in similar fashion. I’ve collaborated with Joel on a few articles and he’s really been a great guy to work with.

This month marks the end of the Coaster Critic blog. A few months ago, my friend, Joel, announced his retirement in April, which will be the 8th anniversary of the blog. I appreciate his forefront and honesty regarding his reasons for retirement.

Now I just want to say thanks to Joel and all of his incredible work on such a priceless site. Thanks for inspiring me!